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…so excited to re-watch the episode with the elevator shaft swing (Oh, Felicity, I love you). Then remember how Oliver’s a dork.

That’s what happens when you just watched the Felicity scenes the last time you went through season 1.

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Anonymous asked: But what if the only person Oliver can feel is Felicity?


OH, well this is fun.

Do we want to go full on Haven AU here?? When Oliver returns from the island, suddenly the Troubles descend on Starling City and he can’t feel anything anymore. And really, this is a good thing because now he can fight through just about anything, RIGHT? It will be so much easier to fight crime when he can get shot and just keep going. This would have been a really useful thing on the island, etc.

So basically everyone has troubles, and they’re probably all caused by Malcolm Merlyn (he has some kind of trouble generating machine instead of an earthquake machine??? idk idk it could work). Thea probably can’t see the color blue anymore, which is a problem for her because it’s hard to coordinate outfits now. Tommy suddenly has no alcohol tolerance (bummer, man). Laurel has some verbal trouble that happens every second Wednesday of the month which means she can’t argue in court those days. Moira has mind viruses that she has to control because if she doesn’t, Malcolm will (that’s part of how he coerces her into working with him — if she screws up, he’ll force her to unleash the mind viruses on Oliver and Thea). Roy’s trouble is obviously that he can no longer steal purses without being caught. I don’t know what Diggle’s trouble is (open to suggestions, or I can think on it). Felicity is the IT girl version of Audrey in this universe so she is immune to the troubles, although no one knows that yet. Felicity thinks whatever trouble she has coming is something with a delayed onset. After all, these things don’t affect everyone all the time.

ANYWAY, at first Oliver thinks it’s going to be fine, but ultimately this whole troubles thing makes Oliver’s quest to save Starling City a lot more difficult because no one knows what’s going to happen at any given moment. Plus, Oliver is really starting to be bothered by the fact that he can’t feel anyone. He did just get back home, and while he’s trying to keep his distance from his family to keep them safe, he also wishes he could feel it when Thea hugs him.

So imagine his surprise when the awkward IT girl at his family’s company accidentally brushes his hand when she goes to pick up the laptop and… he felt that. He had really planned on alternating between a few people when he needed tech help so as not to arouse suspicions until he knew who he could trust, but this… this requires some immediate follow up. He doesn’t tell anyone about it, but he does think it’s curious that he can feel her and he wants to try to figure out why.

Felicity doesn’t discover what Oliver’s trouble is until the night his mother shoots him and he shows up in the backseat of her car. She probably says something along the lines of she’d offer him some ibuprofen if she had any, at which point he says he’s fine and it doesn’t hurt. Felicity doesn’t understand that until later, when Oliver is passed out. Diggle explains what Oliver actually meant.

Felicity is very concerned about Oliver’s inability to feel pain being a liability for him. If he can be that injured and still feel nothing, he might not know when it’s time to retreat and seek medical attention when he really needs it! PLUS, there are so many everyday things that require sensory feedback and really, it just makes sense if she samples everything before he eats it when they’re together because otherwise he might burn his mouth! Felicity can’t help it. She’s a worrier.

(They keep trying to stop Malcolm Merlyn but since there’s no earthquake machine it’s more complicated and maybe Oliver kills Merlyn but no one can find the source of the troubles. That’s their big issue: the quest to figure out how to make all of this stop. They know Merlyn was the original source. The problem is, of course, he had a backup. “Redundancy!” Merlyn gloats as he dies.)

So when does Felicity finally learn that Oliver can feel her?? Probably not until after Oliver kills the Count. Felicity is still concerned for him when she notices he was shot, as she always is because he could be a lot more injured than he realizes!! So imagine the scene pretty much as it played out - “You were shot!” / “Hey, it’s nothing. The only thing I feel is you…” and that last part just slips out because emotions are running so high.

I don’t really know what else happens. But yeah, eventually there is sex and Oliver is pretty much in sensory overload and it’s all very emotional.

Not sure a Haven AU is what you were going for, Anon, but I hope you enjoyed anyway.

oh my goodness. my two favorite shows.


When X-Files is more realistic than modern crime shows.


When X-Files is more realistic than modern crime shows.

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